Hinterzarten: Iraschko best in official training


Austria’s Daniela Iraschko performed best in the official training in Hinterzarten.

The weather was very warm and sunny during the official training for tonight’s Grand Prix competition in Hinterzarten and there was a good breeze of headwind at the hill all the time. Nevertheless the wind was a little bit too strong from time to time and so a handful of breaks just needed to be taken. Because of these delays the qualification round, that was originally scheduled to be held after the training, was cancelled. So all 52 jumpers will start in the competition.

Best in this training was Austria’s Daniela Iraschko. Although she did not jump farthest of all, she received the most points in both rounds thanks to the wind compensation rule. After 94.5 meters in the first round she even jumped 103.5 meters in the second, but unluckily was unable to land that jump safely.

A little surprising Switzerland’s Bigna Windmüller scored the second most points in the first training round with a 97.5 meter jump and also her 95.5 meters in the second were nice to watch. Courchevel winner Alexandra Pretorius from Canada jumped 89.5 meters and so came on the third place. After this she decided to pass on the second jump. The 96.5 meter jumps by Japan’s Yuki Ito and Finland’s Julia Kykkänen were of the farthest ones in the first training round, but because of the wind compensation they were only placed fifth and sixth.

In the second training round Japan’s Sara Takanashi jumped 107.5 meters – the farthest jump of this training – and so took the wind-adjusted second rank behind Iraschko. With 104,0 meters Austria’s Jacqueline Seifriedsberger was slightly behind her. The whole German team skipped this training, as they were able to do enough training jumps already yesterday.

Full training results can be found here: