Daniela Iraschko wins in Hinterzarten


Daniela Iraschko won the Grand Prix competition in Hinterzarten ahead of Sara Takanashi and Carina Vogt.

Maybe it was the best idea of the day to hold the Grand Prix competition in Hinterzarten in the evening. After it was really hot and sunny all day it became milder when the competition started and so there were perfect conditions, for both – jumpers and spectators. The wind, that still caused some breaks during the official training in the morning, also became calm when the sun set down, so it was really a nice and fair competition.

Austria’s Daniela Iraschko did two excellent jumps of 99.0 and 103.0 meters and so won the competition with an advantage of 20.5 points. “Actually I am still in a testing phase and my jumping is still a little inconsistent. Like all others I still need to adapt to the new equipment regulations. I think that this margin of 20 points does not really represent the performance of the entire field. The average performance has gone up, once again. The others are closer behind me as this looks like. But with the new design of the suits just a little change of the wind conditions can have a very strong impact and then results do look like this”, she said to Ladies-Skijumping.com.

Also Japan’s Sara Takanashi, who came second today with a pair of jumps on 96.5 an 99.5 meters, needed some time to adapt to the new equipment rules. “My jumping was not so well, when I prepared myself for this summer. But now I got used to the new suits and my jumps get better and better”, she said to Ladies-Skijumping.com

Much for the pleasure of the about 600-700 spectators Germany’s Carina Vogt took the third rank. Jumping 97.5 meters in the first round she was even second at half-time, but with a jump of 96.5 meters in the second she fell back to this position. After the victory ceremony she declared, that this success was more a success of the whole German team then her own one: “As a team we all jump consequently on a very high level. Everybody has the chance to make it to the podium. I am happy that I was the one today who achieved this.”

Fourth came Austria’s Jaci Seifriedsberger with jumps of 93.5 and 98.0 meters ahead of Japan’s Kaori Iwabuchi, who jumped 95.5 and 99.5 meters. With Katja Pozun (96.0 and 93.5 m) a Slovenian completed the top six. Courchevel’s surprise winner Alexandra Pretorius took the ninth rank and so made it evident, that her good performance there was no coincident.

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