Austria wins mixed team event in Hinterzarten


Austria won the second mixed team competition on Saturday ahead of Japan and Germany.

After the premiere of the mixed team event on Tuesday in Courchevel, the second competition in this new format was held today in the evening on the K95 hill in Hinterzarten. The result was not as close as in Courchevel, when only 2.4 points were between the first and the third place, nevertheless it was an exciting competition.

Finally the Austrian Team, consisting of Jacqueline Seifriedsberger, Daniela Iraschko, Michael Hayböck and Gregor Schlierenzauer won with an advantage of 26.1 points. After the competition Schlierenzauer said: “It was a new experience for me to jump together with the girls. I think this is a nice competition format, and I enjoyed this competition”. Iraschko, who was clearly the best Lady today, added: “The spectators here are really great. I am already now looking forward to the World Cups next Winter here in Hinterzarten”. Also her team-mate Hayböck, who became Junior World Champion on that hill 3 years ago, said, that he likes Hinterzarten a lot: “It looks like this is a very good place for me”. Seifriedsberger explained the success of the team: “I think we managed to work together as a team very well”
* Jacqueline Seifriedsberger: twice 98.5 meters
* Daniela Iraschko: 103.0 and 102.5 meters
* Michael Hayböck: 96.0 and 100.5 meters
* Gregor Schlierenzauer: 99.0 and 103.0 meters

Second with 1000.8 points came the team from Japan, with Sara Takanashi, Kaori Iwabuchi, Reruhi Shimizu and Yuta Watase. All four of them managed to jump across the 100 meter line in the second round, but unfortunately this was not enough to still catch the Austrians up.
* Sara Takanashi: 97.0 and 101.0 meters
* Kaori Iwabuchi: 99.0 and 102.5 meters
* Reruhi Shimizu: 96.0 and 100.5 meters
* Yuta Watase: 98.0 and 100.0 meters

The hosting nation Germany took the third rank. The team with Ulrike Grässler, Carina Vogt, Richard Freitag and Andreas Wank receives a lot of applause and cheering by the numerous spectators. Wank, best male competitor, said: “The mixed event is a fine working system. It is interesting to jump together with the Ladies. This makes it all a little bit more relaxed.”. However Vogt seemed not to be totally convinced of her new team-mates: “It is really OK with them – yet! I still don’t know them too well.”
*Ulrike Grässler: 95.0 and 96.0 meters
*Carina Vogt: 95.0 and 96.0 meters
*Richard Freitag: 97.5 and 91.0 meters
*Andreas Wank: 99.0 and 103.5 meters

The Canadian team followed on the fourth rank ahead of Slovenia and France. Norway and the United States came seventh and eight. The Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy and Russia missed the final.