Two Alpen Cup victories for Ramona Straub


Ramona Straub won both OPA Alpen Cup competitions that were held this weekend in Einsiedeln.

Two Alpen Cup competitions were held on the HS77 hill in Einsiedeln on Friday and Saturday. Winner on both days came Germany’s Ramona Straub. On Friday she won with jumps of 74.0 and 72.5 meters ahead of her team-mate Veronika Zobel (twice 69.5 m) and Austria’s Sonja Schoitsch (68.0 and 69.5 m). On Saturday Straub jumped 70.5 and 73.0 meters. On that day Italy’s Manuela Malsiner came second with a pair of jumps of 71.0 and 72.5 meters, Zobel took the third place with jumps of 68.5 and 71.0 meters.

With these two wins Straub took also the lead in the overall Alpen Cup, she has 332 points. Second is Zobel with 325 points. On the third place is Katharina Althaus, who did not compete in Einsiedeln, but scored 300 points with her three victories in Germany in August.

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