Almaty: Katja Pozun best in official training


Slovenia’s Katja Pozun performed best in today’s official training in Almaty.

The final two Grand-Prix competitions will be held this weekend in Almaty, Kazhakstan. Only 18 competitors from eight countries are attending the competitions there as some large nations are missing, including Austria with overall Grand-Prix leader Daniela Iraschko.

Today four official training rounds were held on the K95 / HS 106 hill. Best in this training was Slovenia’s Katja Pozun with jumps of 91.0, 88.0, 98.0 and 93.5 meters. Also Canada’s Alexandra Pretorius performed very stable with jumps of 90.0, 91.5, 95.0 and 91.5 meters. Japan’s Sara Takanashi was also among the best jumpers with jumps of 92.0, 93.5. 94.5 and 87.5 meters. As overall leader Iraschko is missing, both Takanashi and Pretorius have very good chances to eventually win the overall Grand Prix.

Training results can be found here: