Svenja Wuerth wins German Championships


Svenja Würth won in Hinterzarten ahead of Ulrike Grässler and Ramona Straub.

Eleven competitors attended the German Championships on the K95 hill in Hinterzarten today. Actually a great number, as some experienced jumpers such as Melanie Faisst and defending champion Anna Häfele were missing. The wind conditions were a little unstable during the entire competition, but the jury did a really good job and took a lot of breaks. So the conditions were as equal as possible.

Winner of the competition and German Champion came Svenja Würth with a total score of 294.4 points. “National Championships are really important and I am really happy about this victory. Especially because I was not able to show everything I really can do at the Grand-Prix competitions before. This win gives me a lot of self-confidence, because the winner of German Championships has always the potential to play a big role in World Cups”, she said to

Second came Ulrike Grässler with a total score of 291.4 points. More then all others she had to fight adverse wind conditions. Before her second jumps she had to leave the bar several times. “It felt like I was waiting ten minutes for that jump but all the more I am really happy about this second jump. That was really a good one. At the first one I was a little bit too late, there I lost precious points. It is my fourth silver medal at national championships, I would really appreciate it to win bronze next time”, Grässler said with a wink. “But this competition made me stronger, also with regard to the upcoming Grand-Prix competitions in Almaty.“

Much for the pleasure of the spectators local heroine Ramona Straub came third with a total score of 284,4 points. “For sure it is an advantage to jump on your home hill. My family is here to support me and for sure it is nice to to sleep at home before a competition – but I also love to jump abroad. A big advantage is that I know the hill and the wind conditions here very well. This helped me especially at my second jump, when I was hit by a strong gust of wind. I already saw myself falling, but luckily this did not happen”, she said.

Fourth came Juliane Seyfarth with 276,4 points. The most unlucky person of the day was for sure Carina Vogt. After the first round she had really good chances to win this competition, but unfortunately she fell when landing the second and so finally only came fifth. At first glance her this fall looked really severe, but eventually she was able to stand up under her own power. “I was afflicted with a distorted backbone the last weeks and of course this fall did not make it better”, she said to The sixth place took Veronika Zobel with 260,4 points.

Ramona Straub won Junior Championships

Already yesterday the National Junior Championships were held on the K70 also in Hinterzarten. This competition was attended by 20 young jumpers. Winner came today’s third Straub. Second came Katharina Althaus and third Zobel. Todays winner Würth only came fourth then.

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