Almaty: Takanashi wins also on Sunday


Sara Takanashi won the Grand-Prix final in Almaty ahead of Irina Avvakumova and Alexandra Pretorius.

After winning already yesterday, Sara Takanashi from Japan won also today’s final Grand-Prix competition in Almaty. After jumping 98.0 meters in the first round she even jumped 107.0 meters in the second and so set a new hill record. “I am extremely happy about my double victory this weekend. During the training rounds my jumps didn’t work out that well, but I managed to get back in shape right in time for the competitions”, she said.

Eventually almost 40 points behind Takanashi was Russia’s Irina Avvakumova, who took the second rank. After the first round (96.0 m) she was only sixth, but improved to this place with a 95.0 meter jump in the second. This is the first podium finish in her career. “I really like to jump here in Almaty. The competition was on a high level so I am absolutely satisfied with my result and with the fact that I was able to do everything my coach wanted me to do”, she said.

Third came Alexandra Pretorius from Canada with jumps of 105.0 and 89.0 meters. “The hills in Almaty are amazing and the competitions were a lot of fun, so it was a great experience for me to come here. I did pretty well and I am happy with my performances”, she said.

Fourth came Japan’s Ayumi Watase with jumps of 95.5 and 84.0 meters. On ranks five and six followed two Slovenians, Eva Logar (91.0 and 89.0 m) and Maja Vtic ( 93.0 and 90.0 m).

The jumpers from Germany had very bad luck today. With Ulrike Grässler (94.0 and 87.0 m) and Carina Vogt (90.0 and 78.0 m) two of them were within the top six after the first round, but in the end Grässler came seventh and Vogt only 14th. Yesterday’s second Katja Pozun from Slovenia was disqualified in the first round today. Because there were less then 30 jumpers on the start list, she was allowed to participate in the second round, but even a scored 96.5 meter jump then did not help her to leave the last place.

With her win today Takanashi won also the overall Grand-Prix in this premiere season. In total she scored 312 points. Second came Pretorius with 249 points and third Daniela Iraschko from Austria, who skipped these competitions in Almaty, with 180 points.

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