World Cup to be kicked-off in Lillehammer tomorrow


A mixed team-event on Friday and an individual competition on Saturday will inaugurate this winter’s World Cup.

The Ladies’ second World Cup season will be kicked-off tomorrow in Lillehammer, Norway. The first two of 17 scheduled World Cup competitions will be held there on the K90/HS100 hill. On Friday ladies and men will jump together in the first mixed-team event on snow ever. This new competition format, that is also included in the program of the World Championships in February in Predazzo, was already tested successfully in the summer. Two Ladies and two Men per nation will form a team. This combination gives also smaller nations a chance to mix it at the top and so spectators can really look forward to see a thrilling competition with an unpredictable result.

Also on Saturday both genders will jump together. Then individual competitions on the HS100 will be held for both, ladies and men. Like in the last year the ladies’ first round will be followed by the men’s first round, only then the final rounds for ladies and men will be held. The jumping weekend in Lillehammer will be finished with a men’s large hill competition on Sunday.

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