Norway wins mixed team event in Lillehammer


The Norwegian team won the inaugurating World Cup competition on Lillehammer’s K90 ahead of Japan and Italy.

The hosting nation Norway won the mixed team competition that opened this winters’s ski jumping season. The team consisting of Maren Lundby, Tom Hilde, Anette Sagen and Anders Bardal won the competition, that was influenced by difficult weather conditions with a total score of 983.1 points. Two 101.5 meter jumps by Lundby and Bardal in the first round were the base for this victory, in the second round all four had extraordinarily strong jumps. “Winning the first competition of the season at home in Norway means that this was a perfect day. Everyone of our team was performing on a high level, so we were able to show eight good jumps,” said Tom Hilde.

Second came the Japanese Team with Yuki Ito, Yuta Watase, Sara Takanashi and Taku Takeuchi scored 966.0 points. Especially Takanashi had two great jumps of 100.0 and 92.0 meters and so showed, that she is again on the list to play an important role in the individual World Cup. “Today the conditions were difficult but I managed to show two good jumps. I am very happy now right now and I am looking forward to tomorrow’s individual competition,” she said.

A little surprising the Italian team cam third. Evelyn Insam individually scored the most points of all Ladies and so is one of the big favourites for tomorrow’s individual competition. The team that consisted next to Insam of Elena Runggaldier, Andrea Morassi and Sebastian Colloredo scored 899 points. “This result is incredible. Although the conditions weren’t that good, we had a really good start into the competition. If we are able to go on like this, the season will be amazing,” said Runggaldier.

On ranks four to six followed the teams from Germany, USA and the Czech Republic. Biggest surprise of the day was maybe the result of the Austrian team, that was the odds-on favourite for many fans ahead of the competition, but only came on the 12th place. Reason for this result was the disqualification of Andreas Kofler, who’s suit was a little bit too large.