Statements from Schonach


Read here what the athletes said at the press-conference after the World Cup competition in Schonach.

Sara Takanashi:
“Both of my jumps today were very good. My win in Ramsau and the trainings yesterday gave me a lot of self-confidence. But I have to say that also my coaches and the many people supporting me have their share in my success. Without them I would not be so strong.”

Evelyn Insam:
“I am very confident with this competition and my jumping. Those were not two perfect jumps – but two almost perfect jumps.”

One of the main influences for the Italian team was today for sure, that this was the first competition in Schonach since two years. Back then, during the Continental Cups 2011, their team-member Simona Senoner died by the age of 17 due to a viral infection. On this topic Insam said:
“In fact it was not easy to come back to Schonach and as one could guess not very pleasant for us. In some way it is hard to believe, that already two years have gone by. We all think of her very often, not only here in Schonach. This always gives us a lot of strength and we can feel that she is with out team.”

Jacqueline Seifriedsberger:
“It is a little more fun, when you are together with your team-mate on the podium. We already celebrated a victory together, but sharing a third place is something new. I like this feeling”

Daniela Iraschko:
“Any time recently I am a little late at take-off. I just don’t hit the rim exactly. There some fine tuning is needed. I think Sara was the rightful winner today, but behind her it was a very tough fight. I often shared places in the last competitions, but it’s very nice when it is with Jackie.”

Team Germany:
Also the German team gave a press-conference. Their best jumper today Carina Vogt said: “Actually I could be happy with the result today, but with my jumping I am not. Those were not my best jumps. But somehow it is good to see that I can make it to the top ten even with a faulty jump.”
German Head Coach Andreas Bauer said: “The people here in Schonach and Schönwald worked so hard to prepare the hill for us. It is just great, that we have so many people working voluntarily to bring our sports forward. They really deserve acknowledgement!”