Break for Svenja Wuerth


Germany’s Svenja Würth needs to skip the World Cups in Hinterzarten this weekend.

Germany’s Svenja Würth, currently 19th in the overall World Cup, is unable to compete in the World Cups in Hinterzarten this weekend. Last Saturday in Schonach the 19-year old felt a severe pain in her knee when landing her second jump and thus immediately fell. Nevertheless she participated in the competition on the next day. The German team hoped until last that Würth would be able to attend the competitions in Hinterzarten, but now decided that she better skips these competitions: A tendon on the side of her left knee is sore, and causes pains when it gets stressed. “The pains in Svenja’s knee just require a break from competitions, as we also have to keep the Junior World Championships in mind, that will be held in two weeks. Then Svenja needs to be totally fit”, said Head Coach Andreas Bauer.

Ramona Straub will join the team instead of Würth and so Katharina Althaus, Melanie Faisst, Ulrike Grässler, Juliane Seyfarth, Straub and Carina Vogt will compete for the hosting nation Germany in Hinterzarten.