Hinterzarten: Sara and Sarah best in trainings


Sarah Hendrickson and Sara Takanashi performed best in the official training in Hinterzarten.

The Ski Jumping World Cup continues this weekend in Hinterzarten, Germany. Already today the official training for the competitions tomorrow and on Sunday were held. It was not necessary to hold a qualification, as only 44 jumpers are on the start list. Instead a third training round was held.

In the three official training rounds Sarah Hendrickson (USA) and Sara Takanashi (Japan) jumped best, so we can expect a tough fight between last years overall World Cup winner and the current World Cup leader. Hendrickson jumped 100.0 meters in the first and third training round and only had one weaker jump in the second round, when she laded already after 96.5 meters. Takanashi missed the 100 meter mark in the first and third round by jumping 97.5 and 99.0 meters, but made the farthest jump of the day on 101.5 meters in the second round.

Also the Austrians Daniela Iraschko and Jacqueline Seifriedsberger had very good jumps in this training and so both should be able to keep pace with the Sara(h)s. Especially Iraschko jumped very consistent and so had two jumps of 99.5 meters and one of 96.5 m. Seifriedsberger jumped twice 98.5 meters and 94.5 meters in the third round.

Obviously there is no need to mention the weather today, as the wind was totally calm all the time. And as the weather forecast for the next two day is also fine, we can look forward to see really nice jumpings here in Hinterzarten.

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