Junior Worlds: Successful official training on Friday


Ema Klinec and Sara Takanashi best in today’s official training in Liberec.

Even though there were really nice weather conditions, a lot of competitors passed on today’s official training after jumping already for three days in Liberec. So it is a little bit difficult to recognize a tendency for the team competition tomorrow.

After their strong performance in yesterday’s individual competition for sure the Slovenian team has to count as the odds-on favourite. Ursa Bogataj, Spela Rogelj and Katja Pozun skipped this training, so only the Klinec-sisters jumped. Ema, 9th place yesterday, made two nice jumps of 93.5 and 92.0 meters, her sister Barbara jumped 48.5 and 83.5 meters and so should normally not be in the team tomorrow.

Again yesterday’s winner Sara Takanashi (Japan) jumped very strong today (93.0 and 97.0 m), but of her team-mates only Yuki Ito (83.5 and 87.0 m) was able to keep pace, so we have to wait and see what they can achieve tomorrow.

Next to Japan only Russia and Norway had their full teams jumping today. Sofya Tikhonova was clearly the best Russian jumper with jumps of 83.5 and 85.0 meters. With Jenny Synnove Hagemoen (82.0 and 84.0 m) and Gyda Enger (86.5 and 83.0 m) two Norwegians were able to jump over 80 meters in both rounds.

The team competition will be held tomorrow 1 o’clock.