Junior Worlds: Slovenian team unbeatable


Slovenia won the team event at the Junior World Championships in Liberec ahead of France and Germany.

After the really great performance of the Slovenian jumpers in the individual competition on Thursday, it was no surprise at all, that Slovenia won the team event today. But how strong they actually jumped today just deserves deep respect: The fact that Ursa Bogataj (97.5 and 95.5 m), Ema Klinec (92.0 and 91.5 m), Spela Rogelj (100.0 and 103.0 m) and Katja Pozun (94.5 and 99.5 m) won with an advantage of over 200 points just speaks for itself! “I am really happy that our team jumps on such a high level this year. Even if I am not totally satisfied with my first jump, all girls of our team did absolutely well today and I am very proud of them. Our coaches told us that if we are relaxed and do what we can, the result will follow!” said Katja Pozun.

Second came the French team with Lea Lemare (88.0 and 96.5 m), Oceane Avocat Gros (66.0 and 66.5 m), Julia Clair (81.5 and 92.5 m) and Coline Mattel (91.5 and 91.0 m). “Winning the Silver medal is an amazing feeling, of course the whole team is so glad about this result. We knew that we would have a little chance to finish on the podium. The fact that this became real is just stunning!”, said Julia Clair.

The morale of the German team just deserves a special praise. As Pauline Hessler got disqualified after her first jump, they were only on the seventh place at half time. Nevertheless they all jumped very well in the second round and so Ramona Straub (86.5 and 88.5 m). Pauline Hessler (83.5 m), Svenja Würth (90.0 and 93.5 m) and Katharina Althaus (91.0 and 89.5 m) eventually won the bronze medal – only 2.5 points ahead of Norway on place four. “After the first round I didn’t immediately know what happened until I was told that Pauline was disqualified. Because of that I was sure that this will become a big challenge for the final round. It is unbelievable that we managed to be on the podium with one counted jump less than the other teams. I’m so happy and can’t stop smiling,” said Althaus.

Places five to eight were taken by Japan, Russia, the Czech Republic and the United States. To mention is the second jump of Sarah Hendrickson. Although her team took the last place, she was able to jump 106.0 meters. That’s a new inofficial ladies’ hill record.