Sapporo: Sarah Hendrickson best in official training


Sarah Hendrickson was best in the official training in Sapporo today, but Sara Takanashi is close on her tail.

After last week’s break due to the Junior World Championships, the World Cup will continue in Sapporo, Japan, this weekend. Today an official training was held there. Only 41 jumpers are on the start list, so no qualification was needed and instead a third training round was held.

Best in the first two training rounds was America’s Sarah Hendrickson with jumps of 92.5 and 92.0 meters, but in the third round she jumped a little weaker and only made 87.5 meters. Also Japan’s Sara Takanashi had one shorter and two far jumps. In the first round she jumped only 85.0 meters, but then jumped on 91.0 and 94.0 meters.

There was a quite large gap behind the two Sara(h)s, only Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (Austria) was able to keep pace with them in the first round (92.5 m), but then she jumped 83.0 and 87.0 meters only. The Katja Pozun from Slovenia jumped 87.0, 79.5 and 89.0 meters and so took the second place of the third training. Coline Mattel from France did not jump across the K-point and so her second jump of 87.0 meters (third round rank) was her farthest one today. In the third round America’s Jessica Jerome jumped 85.5 meters and so, in consideration of wind and gate bonuses, took the third round rank. In the two rounds before she took only average places with jumps of 81.5 and 82.5 meters.