Double victory for Atsuko Tanaka at Canadian Nationals


Atsuko Tanaka won both competitions of the Canadian Championships in Whistler.

The Canadian National Championships were held this weekend in Whistler, on the 2010 Olympic hills. Double winner came Atsuko Tanaka. The 21-year old from Calgary won both, the Normal Hill and the Large Hill competition.

In the Normal Hill competition on Friday Tanaka made jumps of 98.5 and 103.0 meters and so won ahead of Alexandra Pretorius who jumped 95.5 and 104.5 meters. Taylor Henrich came on the bronze rank with jumps of 88.5 and 87.5 meters. Charlotte Mitchell, Jasmine Sepandj and Eleora Hamming followed on places four to six. In total 12 girls competed on the Normal hill.

The Large Hill competition was held on Saturday, and the result was pretty much the same as on the Normal Hill. Tanaka won with jumps of 122.5 and 129.5 meters. Pretorius came again second with jumps of 112.0 and 123.5 meters. Henrich on third jumped 102.5 and 108.5 meters. On the big hill only six girls competed, so Mitchell, Sepandj and Manon Maurer from the United States, who competed as a guest in these open championships, took places four to six this time.