Calendar drafts released


The calendar drafts for the next season were released today, after the FIS spring meeting in Zurich.

It is planned to hold six individual Grand Prix and 19 individual World Cup competitions. In addition to that three mixed team competitions, two in the summer and one in winter, are planned. The dates still need to be confirmed by the FIS Council, that will hold it’s meeting in Dubrovnik at the beginning of June.

Like in the last year Hinterzarten Courchevel and Almaty will host Summer Grand Prix competitions, furthermore Nizhny Tagil was also included to the calendar as a new venue. The World Cup will again be kicked-off in Lillehammer, after that Vancouver and Chaikovski will follow. After the Christmas break two World Cups in Germany will follow. It is still unknown where exactly, but most likely it will be either Hinterzarten or Schonach. Then a trip to Japan with competitions in Sapporo and Zao will follow. Back in Europe Ljubno and Hinzenbach will host their World Cups. After the Olympic Games in Sochi, World Cups in Rasnov and on the large hill in Oslo will follow. The season final will eventually be held in Falun.

Grand Prix 2013:
26.07.13 Hinterzarten HS 108
27.07.13 Hinterzarten HS 108 Mixed team
14.08.13 Courchevel HS 96 Mixed team
15.08.13 Courchevel HS 96
14.09.13 Nizhny Tagil HS 106
15.09.13 Nizhny Tagil HS 106
21.09.13 Almaty HS 106
22.09.13 Almaty HS 106

World Cup 2013/14:
06.12.13 Lillehammer HS 100 Mixed team
07.12.13 Lillehammer HS 100
14.12.13 Vancouver HS 106
15.12.13 Vancouver HS 106
21.12.13 Chaikovsky HS 106
22.12.13 Chaikovsky HS 106
04.01.13 GERMANY
05.01.13 GERMANY
11.01.13 Sapporo HS 100
12.01.13 Sapporo HS 100
18.01.13 Zao HS 100
19.01.13 Zao HS 100
25.01.13 Ljubno HS 95
26.01.13 Ljubno HS 95
01.02.13 Hinzenbach HS 85
02.02.13 Hinzenbach HS 85
01.03.13 Rasnov HS 100
02.03.13 Rasnov HS 100
08.03.13 Oslo HS 134
15.03.13 Falun HS 98
16.03.13 Falun HS 98