Two Alpen Cup victories for Gianina Ernst


The first competitions of the OPA Alpen Cup were held on Wednesday and Thursday in Pöhla.

The Grand Prix in Courchevel was of course in the center of attention the last two days, but the first two competitions of this summer’s OPA Alpen Cup were also held on Wednesday and Thursday. The competitions on the HS 65 hill in Pöhla were attended by jumpers from Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Italy.

Germany’s Ramona Straub won the first competition and took the fifth place in the second, but her results do not count for the official standings, as she is already 20 years old and so one year too old for this junior series. Like her some other older jumpers from Germany attended the competitions, basically to use them for training.

Official winner of both competitions and leader in the overall cup is Gianina Ernst. The 15 year old jumped for Switzerland before, but switched to the German team this year. Second in both competitions came Melanie Häckert, also from Germany. Third place in the overall cup is taken by Zdena Pesatova from the Czech Republic, who came third in the first and fourth in the second competition. On rank four is Austria’s Elisabeth Raudaschl, who took a third and a sixt place. The Germans Veronika Zobel (5th and 4th place) and Anna Rupprecht (4th and 6th place) follow on ranks five and six in the overall standings.

The Alpen Cup continues this weekend in Bischofsgrün, two more competitions will be held in Einsiedeln in September.