OPA Alpen Cup: Two wins for Raudaschl in Bischofsgruen


Austria’s Elisabeth Raudaschl won both OPA Alpen Cups in Bischofsgrün this weekend.

The OPA Alpen Cup, the Central European junior series in ski jumping, continued this weekend in Bischofsgrün. 29 young ladies from Italy, the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany competed there on two days on the K64 / HS71 hill.

Austria’s Elisabeth Raudaschl won the competition on Saturday with jumps of 62.5 and 65.5 meters, second came Veronika Zobel from Germany with jumps of 62.5 and 63m meters. Zdena Pesatova from the Czech Republic was in the lead after jumping 65.0 meters the first round, but by jumping only 62.0 meters in the second she fell eventually back to the third place. Gianina Ernst, winner of the competitions last week in Pöhla, came fourth that day with a pair of jumps of 62,5m and 61,5 meters. Michaela Rajnochova (CZE, 62.5 and 61.0 m) came fifth, Anna Rupprecht (GER, 61.5 m and 62.0 m) sixth.

Also the second competition in Bischofsgrün on Sunday was won by Raudaschl. A far jump of 69 meters in the first round made her lead at half-time. By jumping 64 meters in the second round she finally took that win home. Ernst came second that day by jumping 66.5 m and 64.5 meters. Rupprecht took the third place with jumps of 62.5 m and 62.0 meters. Zobel just missed the podium as fourth (26.5 and 26.0 m). Lucienne Höppner from Germany came fifth with jumps of 62.5 and 63.0 meters, followed by Pesatova (62.0 and 62.5 m) on sixth.

Leader in the overall Alpen Cup is still Ernst with 330 points, second is Raudaschl, who so far scored 300 points. Zobel is third (225 points) ahead of Melanie Häckert (224), Zdena Pesatova (210) and Anna Rupprecht (190). The Alpen Cup will continue in September in Einsiedeln, Switzerland. This means that Gianina Ernst has the chance to defend her lead in the overall cup in her former hometown. The 15 year old switched from the Swiss to the German team this year.

Some jumpers of the German team that are already too old to compete in the junior series OPA Alpen Cup, also came to Bischofsgrün and made their own little competition there. This fight between Ramona Straub, Juliane Seyfarth and Debora Schmidt was won by Seyfarth on Saturday and by Straub on Sunday.