Takanashi wins also on Sunday in Almaty


Sara Takanashi won the final Grand Prix competition ahead of Katja Pozun and Atsuko Tanaka.

Sara Takanashi from Japan won also the last Grand Prix competition of this summer, that was held today on the HS106 hill in Almaty. She was already in the lead at half-time with a nice 99.0 meter jump in the first round. Then in the second round she had a good breeze of headwind and so jumped even 107.5 meters. She fell when landing, but luckily she was able to stand up again immediately. Second behind her came Katja Pozun from Slovenia. She jumped only 92.5 and 95.5 meters, but due to the points Takanashi got subtracted for headwind and falling she was eventually only 2.7 points behind her. Her first podium in an international A-level competition celebrated Canada’s Atsuko Takaka on third. She jumped 93.0 meters twice.

The fourth place was taken by Slovenia’s Eva Logar with jumps of 93.0 and 94.5 meters, fifth came Coline Mattel from France who showed jumps of 94.0 and 94.5 meters today. Sixth came Julia Kykkänen from Finland with a pair of jumps of 95.0 and 92.0 meters.

It was already clear before this competition, that Takanashi will take victory in the overall Grand Prix. She won this series with 525 out of 600 possible points. Mattel came second with 334 points, Pozun third with 286.

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