Daniela Iraschko won Austrian Championships


Daniela Iraschko won the Austrian Championships in Stams ahead of Jacqueline Seifriedsberger and Elisabeth Raudaschl.

Daniela Iraschko won the Austrian Championships, that were held today in Stams. After her tearing her ACL this winter she restarted jumping just a few weeks ago and so it is actually a little surprising, that she has already the form to outperform the rest of the field. “I still feel some aches, especially when I make more then one jump. I still need a lot of training to hit back into form, but these jumps showed me that I am doing fine again” she said.

Iraschko jumped 108.5 and 111.5 meters today. Second placed Jacqueline Seifriedsberger made a pair of jumps of 103.4 and 105.0 meters on the K105/HS115 hill. Elisabeth Raudaschl came third with jumps of 85.0 and 79.0 meters, Katharina Keil, Sonja Schoitsch and Lisa Wiegele followed on places four to six. In total nine ladies competed in these national championships.