Long break for Ema Klinec


Ema Klinec fell at the OPA Alpen Cup in Predazzo and suffered a knee injury.

Bad news for Ema Klinec. The Slovenian tore the ligaments in her right knee. Klinec participated in the OPA Alpen Cup competitions in Predazzo this weekend. After winning the first competition there on Saturday, she fell when landing a 96.0 meter jump in the trial round on Sunday and so suffered this injury. If the healing process runs fine, it will take about six to nine months until she can restart training, so most likely we can expect her to be back at the beginning of the next winter.

Klinec is only fifteen years old, but maybe the biggest talent in this sports. She won a Grand Prix competition last summer in Courchevel and was among the top ten in four of the five World Cups she competed in.

Ladies-Skijumping.com wishes her a speedy recovery.