Svenja Wuerth discharged from hospital


The healing process of Svenja Würth, who suffered a cervical fracture, runs fine. Her sixth cervical vertebra was replaced by a titanium cage.

The healing of Germany’s Svenja Würth, who fell severely on January 3rd in the official training for the World Cups in Chaikovsky, seems to run fine. The 20 year old suffered a cervical fracture, that was treated successfully during the last week .

After a first diagnosis and treatment in a hospital in Chaikovsky she was transported to Munich, where a surgery was done last Wednesday by Prof. Hans Hertlein: “The diagnosis was a fracture of the sixth cervical vertebra, but the spinal cord was undamaged. The surgery went very well: The sixth cervical vertebra was replaced by a titanium cage, that is stabilized by a plating that reaches from the fifth to the seventh vertebra.”

The team physician of the German Ski Federation (DSV), Dr. Florian Porzig says about Würth’s situation: “Under the condition that the healing process runs optimal, Svenja will be able to do specific training again in six month. We will not push for time, a full recovery of the athlete is our main goal.”

Already two days after the surgery Würth was able to start a rehab: “I am doing better than I thought. I can move around without help and I am doing some physical therapy. In the next few weeks I have to wear a neck brace by day, but I can take it off at night. I am very happy that I was able to begin working for my rehab so fast.” Today she was dismissed from the rehab clinic in Munich, where she stayed since her surgery. wishes her a well recovery.