Zao: Seventh season win for Takanashi


Sara Takanashi won in Zao ahead of Yuki Ito and Carina Vogt. Only one competition round held due to strong wind.

Due to strong winds only one competition round was held on Saturday in Zao, even so the large number of spectators that made it to the hill did not get disappointed. Their heroine Sara Takanashi won the competition with an outstanding jump. With a shorter inrun as the other jumpers and supported by a good breeze of headwind she made it down to 104.0 meters. It was impossible for her to stand such a far jump and so she touched the snow with her body after landing. She got very low marks by the judges for this unsafe landing, nevertheless she had eventually 1.4 points more as Yuki Ito (JPN) who jumped 96.5 meters and so came second. This is Ito’s best result in an individual World Cup so far. Third behind the two Japanese came Carina Vogt from Germany with a jump of 93.0 meters.

Fourth came Norway’s Maren Lundby by jumping 90.0 meters. Ramona Straub from Germany finished fifth with a 92.5 meter jump. Switzerland’s Bigna Windmüller made a jump of 87.0 meters and so took the sixth place. Irina Avvakumova and Coline Mattel that finished on the podium last week in Sapporo both skip the competitions in Zao.

Takanashi has now 760 points in the overall World Cup. On the second rank behind her is Vogt with a score of 466. Third is Avvakumova who has 435 points.

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