Junior Worlds: Japan wins team gold


Japan won the team event at the Junior World Championships in Val di Fiemme. Slovenia took silver, France bronze.

The chase for records continued also in the team competition of the Junior World Championships, that was held today on the HS106 hill in Predazzo. Sara Takanashi and Coline Mattel were both able to gain another medal today and so extended their statistical records. Takanashi won gold with the Japanese team. So she owns now five gold medals from Junior Worlds, three of individual and two of team competitions. Mattel won bronze with the French team today and so has won in total six medals – more than anyone else.

The Japanese team with Yuki Ito, Haruka Iwasa, Yurina Yamada and Takanashi won this competition by scoring 919.0 points for their jumps. Ito and Takanashi made the farthest jumps of this competition and so laid the base for this victory.

Ito: twice 99.0 m
Iwasa: 93.5 and 92.5 m
Yamada: 87.0 and 87.5 m
Takanashi: 104.5 m and 99.0 m

The team from Solvenia, consisting of Ursa Bogataj, Barbara Klinec, Anja Javorsek and Spela Rogelj won the silver medal. They scored 870.2 points and so were clearly behind the winners from Japan. Their best jumper today was Ursa Bogataj showed the fourth best individual performance of all competitors.

Bogataj: 97.5 and 99.0 m
Klinec: 87.0 and 88.5 m
Javorsek: 90.5 and 91.0 m
Rogelj: 93.0 and 91.5 m

France, with Lea Lemare, Marie Hoyau, Julia Clair and Mattel won bronze with 856.9 points. The very strong jumps of Mattel and Clair were more then just a compensation for the weaker jumps of inexperienced Hoyau, and so the team had finally an advantage of more then 20 points to the fourth place.

Lemare: 87.5 and 89.0 m
Hoyau: 77.0 and 83.5
Clair: 96.5 and 98.5 m
Mattel: 99.5 and 97.0 m

Germany scored 832.8 points and so missed the medals as fourth. Austria (775.6 points) and Russia (717.7 pts.) followed on placed five and six. The seventh place was taken by the team from the Czech Republic (685.8 pts.).