World Cup continues in Hinzenbach


Sara Takanashi, Daniela Iraschko-Stolz and Ursa Bogataj best in the official training.

The World Cup continues this weekend in Hinzenbach, Austria. The HS 94/K85 hill there is the smallest venue for a World Cup this winter. 47 jumpers from 12 nations gathered there for the last two competitions before the Olympics. Already today an official training was held. As the number of jumpers on the start list does not exceed 50 no qualification was necessary. Instead of a qualification a third training round was held.

Best in the first training round was World Cup leader Sara Takanashi from Japan, who made a jump of 90.0 meters. Even a little further jumped Austria’s Daniela Iraschko-Stolz. She jumped 90.5 meters, but scored less points for this jump due to the wind compensation rule. Distant third in this round was Japan’s Kaori Iwabuchi, who jumped 85.5 meters.

Also in the second round Takanashi was best. She jumped 84.5 meters then. Her team-mate Yuki Ito came in second by making a jump of 83.0 meters. Third in this training round came Finland’s Julia Kykkänen whith a jump of 82.5 meters. Iraschko-Stolz skipped this training round.

Ursa Bogataj from Slovenia was best in the third training round with a nice jump of 89.0 meters. Second this time was Iraschko-Stolz, who jumped only 84.0 meters, but gained points for wind and gate compensation. Third in this round was Slovenia’s Maja Vtic with a jump of 86.0 meters. A little surprising Takanashi jumped only 81.0 meters in this round. Like Iraschko-Stolz she jumped with a shortened inrun, but was one of only few jumpers that had headwind. With this jump she took only the tenth round rank.

Germany’s Carina Vogt, who is currently second in the overall World Cup, and her team-mate Ulrike Grässler both did not jump today.

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