Even strong winds cannot stop Takanashi


Sara Takanashi won on Saturday in Hinzenbach ahead of Daniela Iraschko-Stolz and Maja Vtic. The competition was held under very windy weather conditions.

There was heavy wind all day in Hinzenbach, and so it was very difficult to hold a competition there today. The trail round, that was scheduled for 13:15 h was cancelled, but eventually the competition was started at 14:15 h as scheduled. Wind changed from almost six meters per second of headwind to seven meters per second of tailwind within a couple of seconds, but the jury did a really great job and took several breaks, and so it was possible to hold two competition rounds on the K85 hill. Although the conditions were of course not totally fair and equal, it has to be noted, that the wind was relatively calm when someone actually jumped, so the result of this competition was not determined just randomly.

Thus it is no big surprise, that Sara Takanashi from Japan was once more able to win. She made jumps of 87.0 and 90.0 meters and so won ahead of local heroine Daniela Iraschko-Stolz who jumped 82.0 and 90.5 meters. Maja Vtic from Slovenia came third and so celebrated her first podium finish in a World Cup competition. She was even in the lead after the first round, when she jumped 88.5 meters. With a second jump of 85.0 meters she fell eventually back to the third position.

Carina Vogt from Germany improved from seventh to fourth in the second round. She jumped 81.5 and 86.5 meters. Fifth came Yuki Ito from Japan with a pair of jumps of 83.0 and 83.5 meters. Ramona Straub from Germany came sixth by jumping 80.0 and 89.0 meters. Places seven and eight were taken by Irina Avvakumova from Russia (83.0 and 86.5 m) and Finland’s Julia Kykkänen (77.5 and 89.0 m).

Takanashi leads the overall World Cup now with 1120 points. Second is still Vogt with 716 points. With a score of 602 Iraschko-Stolz is on the third rank. A second competition in Hinzenbach will be held tomorrow, again at 14:15 h. This will be the last World Cup before the Olympics.

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