COC: German double victory in Lahti


Juliane Seyfarth won on Saturday in Lahti ahead of Anna Häfele and Anna Odine Strøm.

After a break of almost two month, the Continental Cup continues this weekend in Lahti, Finland. Although no World Cups are held at the moment, only 21 Jumpers from six nations gathered there, as the Olympic athletes are using this weekend to take a rest.

Hands down winner of this competition came Germany’s Juliane Seyfarth. She jumped 94.0 and 95.0 meters on the K90 hill and so scored over 20 points more as her team-mate Anna Häfele who came second. Häfele was only seventh after the first round, when she jumped only 84.0 meters. But with a nice jump of 95.0 meters in the second she improved to the second place. Only decently behind her was Norway’s Anna Odine Strøm. She came third with a pair of jumps of 90.5 and 92.0 meters.

Sofya Tikhonova from Russia came fourth with jumps of 84.5 and 89.5 meters. The fifth place was taken by Nina Lussi from the United States. She jumped 85.5 meters twice. With Ramona Straub another German came sixth. She jumped 86.0 meters in the first round and so was third at half-time, but as she fell after a jump of 94.5 meters in the second round, she fell back to this position.

Best jumper of the hosting nation Finland was Susanna Forsström on the ninth place. Jenny Rautionaho fell in the first round and thereby suffered some injury in her knee. She was taken to hospital for some examinations and did not start in the second round.