Yuki Ito won first competition in Zao


Yuki Ito won in Zao ahead of Jacqueline Seifriedsberger and Maja Vtic.

Japan’s Yuki Ito won the first Continental Cup in Zao on Wednesday. It is her first career win, after finishing third already four times. A pair of jumps on 94.0 and 87.0 meters was sufficient for her to win by 1.5 points ahead of Austria’s Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (93.5 and 87.0 m). Third came Slovenia’s Maja Vtic (93.0 and 89.5 m).

The Germans Melanie Faisst (85.5 and 96.5 m) and Ulrike Graessler (92.5 and 86.5 m) took the fourth and fifth rank. Sixth came Slovenia’s Eva Logar (88.0 and 84.0 m).

The premature winner of the overall Continental Cup, Austria’s Daniela Iraschko, and runner-up Coline Mattel from France are not competing at these final competitions in Japan.

Quotes by today’s top three:
Yuki Ito: “Even though some of the top athletes are not in Zao, I am very happy about my first COC victory.”

Jacqueline Seifriedsberger: “I was not really satisfied with my two jumps, but I am very happy with the result.”

Maja Vtic: “I gave away a lot of points with my landing in the first round, so I am very glad to finish on the podium.”